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High Visibility Safety Vest

In nearly all construction, factory, road work, machinery, and traffic environments visibility of the workers on the ground is the primary key to their safety. High visibility safety vests in themselves can be broken down into 3 classes.

Class 1 Safety Vests are used in low traffic areas or off-road work areas where American National Standards Institute (ANSI) approval is not required.

Class 2 High Visibility Safety Vests are ANSI approved for use in areas where the speed of the traffic is less than 25mph.

Class 3 High Vis Safety Vests are ANSI approved for use in areas where high speed traffic is present.

Aside from these three classes there are also job specific safety vests that meet the certain demands for their proprietary use. These include such vests as ConstructionSurveyor or Breakaway.

High Visibility Safety Vest

Our ANSI Approved Safety Vests

ANSI Economy Vests

economy vest
Our ANSI approved zipper and hook & loop Type R high vis economy vests are offered for both Class 2 and Class 3 working environments.

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ANSI Breakaway Vests

breakaway vest
We carry ANSI approved Class 2 Type R high vis breakaway vests that keep workers safe around moving machinery and equipment.

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ANSI Chevron Vest

chevron vest
We offer a Class 2 Type P Expandable Chevron Vest that meets ANSI/ISEA 107-2015 standards and is available in various adjustable sizes.

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ANSI Surveyor Vests

Surveyor Vests
The ANSI Class 2 Type R Surveyor Vests offered here have the organizational & safety needs for ground survey personnel neatly covered.

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ANSI Two-Tone Vests

two tone
Our Class 2 and Class 3 ANSI Two-Tone High Vis vests are an excellent choice for extreme work environments.

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ANSI Custom Vests

Custom High Visibility Vests
We offer all of our ANSI and Non-Rated high vis vests in a customizable format for use with your company logos.

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