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With the complexity of verifying the accuracy of survey data conducted at survey sites with detailed measurements and calculations - personal safety is paramount. High visibility surveyor vests offer you ANSI approved safety in the form of visibility in road traffic or low visibility work environments.

What Makes A Great Surveyor Vest?

After the above mentioned ANSI approved safety needs are met, the organization of personal equipment like radios, pad & pen, and personal devices is paramount for performing survey tasks with speed and efficiency. The surveyor vests offered here cover all of these needs at one of the best price points you will find anywhere.

Defining ANSI Class 2

ANSI Class 2 is a standard set forth by the American National Standard Institute designed to meet the safety demands of survey crews working in or near traffic and in low light or visually complex work environments. This class is suitable for roadways with traffic traveling above 25 and offer a minimum of 201 square inches of reflective tape.

Defining ANSI Type R

Our ANSI Class 2 surveyor vests are available in ANSI Type R. Type R is the American National Standard Institute's approved type for use on or near a public access roadway. The R designates "Roadway Use" and offers enhanced visibility for workers who are exposed to traffic and working against complex backgrounds.

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ANSI Class 2, Type R Economy Surveyor Vest with Zipper Closure

Safety vest in orange front view

This is our flagship surveyor vest that offers extreme safety through the use of contrasting reflective stripe detail and your choice of orange or lime base color. This vest also offers the most organization available with a combined total of 8 internal and external pockets. Sizes range from Medium to 5XL.

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ANSI Class 2, Type R Multipurpose Surveyor Vest with Zipper Closure

Surveyor vest in green front view

This is our base surveyor vest that has a lower price point than our flagship model. It meets ANSI Class 2 and Type R standards. This vest offers a single tone reflective stripe, 3 outside pockets, and an inside tablet pocket. This vest is offered in the base colors of orange of lime, and covers a size range from Medium to 5XL.

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