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High Visibility Safety Vests with Zippers

The Hi Vis Safety Vests with Zippers available here at Best Safety Vests are available in both ANSI Class 2 and 3. All of these zip-up vests meet ANSI Type R specifications. You can also choose a zip up vest with a customization option that allows you to add your own company logo or text. This is denoted by (CUSTOM) in the product titles below, where applicable.

ANSI Class 2

ANSI Class 2 (sometimes looked up by the term "Type 2") is a standard designed to designate certain safety vests for use in low-speed traffic work areas.

ANSI Class 3

ANSI Class 3 vests/shirts are designed to provide the highest level of visibility in extreme weather and/or road work areas with traffic going more than 50 mph.


Type R safety vests are compliant for workers on or near a public access roadway. Type R features more fluorescent material and retroreflective square inches.